saddle singers floyd rose string break solution

Extract taken from The Guitar Magazine

The Guitar Doctor


I have noticed deterioration in the sound quality from my guitar over the past few months, and I think it’s connect with the wear in the saddles of the Floyd Rose trem.

There seems to be an underlying vibration developing on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings, and the notes do not sound as clean as they used to.

This vibration can be clearly heard if the guitar is played unamplified. There seems to be quite a bit of string wear in the saddle grooves.

Do you think this is causing the problem, and if so, can I cure this by smoothing the saddle grooves with a file, or will I need to fit new saddles?

Alastair Williams (no address supplied)


Wear in the saddles can cause exactly the problem you describe.

Similar problems can also be caused by such things as worn frets, incorrect neck adjustment or even a loose fitting on the guitar.

It’s obviously difficult to be sure without actually hearing this. 
Assuming it is saddle wear, replacing the saddles should do the trick, but I wouldn’t advice attempting to file this type of saddle.

Alternatively, there’s a neat accessory available which could easily solve the problem, and this is far cheaper than renewing the saddles.
It is in the form a 6 brass pre-formed saddle shims, especially made to fit Floyd Rose trems, called Saddle Singers.
(www. saddlesingers.co.uk for more info). 

Among other advantages these give the strings clean take-off points on the saddles, irrespective of saddle wear.

Look out for a review of these in a subsequent issue of TGM.
One other thing to check is that the trem itself is not leaning to far forward, as this can have an adverse effect on the string take-off points.
When set correctly the bridge plate should sit about parallel to the body.