What are Saddle Singers ?  Saddle Singers are precision-engineered brass inserts which fit between your strings and the bridge saddles on your Floyd Rose type double locking tremolo fitted guitar. Their patented design dramatically reduces the occurrence of string breakage, improves your tone and tuning stability and also prevents saddle erosion and greatly reduces saddle block cracking. Please read REVIEWS

Years of research have gone into material and tool development to give your saddle singers optimum performance. The brass used has a specific alloy composition which is annealed under conditions that give saddle singers the necessary physical properties to work best for you and the original production tool, which was so carefully honed, is going strong. 

Can I use them with my Strat / Les Paul etc ?  Saddle Singers can be used on any guitar fitted with a Floyd Rose double locking tremolo or compatible, but were not designed to work with other types of tremolo systems or fixed bridges.
Do they fit all models of double locking type tremolos ? Saddle Singers fit the original double locking Floyd Rose, Ibanez Lo-pro and some other Floyd Rose tremolo derivatives. Please see IMAGES for compatible models.
They are designed to fit models with a 2mm saddle groove width.
Please see diagram on FITTING page.
They can be modified to fit other models like the Floyd Rose Special, which has a 1.5mm saddle groove width.
There are instructions on how best to do this on the FITTING page although we do not recommend carrying out this procedure unless you are confident to do so. 

Are they difficult to fit ?
  No, just fit a set next time you change strings. Full fitting instructions are provided on the back of each pack. You can see a copy of them on this website and see how easy it is, but please read and follow the instructions carefully if you want to get all the benefits of your Saddle Singers.
Can I use Saddle Singers on worn saddles and save the cost of replacement bridge saddles ?  Yes, Saddle singers can be fitted, giving full benefits, on either new or worn saddles.

Do Saddle Singers prevent saddle wear ?  Yes, They prevent any saddle wear caused by string erosion.
How often should I replace my Saddle Singers ?  This will depend on how often you use the guitar, how much you use the tremolo and how hard you use it. Peoples experience varies, but with average, everyday use  we recommend replacing them every twelve months. Compared with replacing bridge saddles it’s quick, cheap and easy.

Are Saddle Singers cost effective ? Yes, For the small outlay on saddle singers the savings you will make on replacing broken strings and ultimately replacing worn saddles means saddle singers save you money.

Where can I get them from?

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